FastLED  3.1
CPixelView< PIXEL_TYPE >::pixelset_iterator_base< T > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 __attribute__ ((always_inline)) inline pixelset_iterator_base(const pixelset_iterator_base &rhs)
 __attribute__ ((always_inline)) inline pixelset_iterator_base(T *_leds
const char dir (_dir)
 __attribute__ ((always_inline)) inline pixelset_iterator_base &operator++()
 __attribute__ ((always_inline)) inline pixelset_iterator_base operator++(int)

Public Attributes

const char _dir: leds(_leds)

Detailed Description

template<class PIXEL_TYPE>
template<class T>
class CPixelView< PIXEL_TYPE >::pixelset_iterator_base< T >

Definition at line 258 of file pixelset.h.

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