FastLED  3.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 bitswap.hFunctions for rotating bits/bytes
 chipsets.hBulk of the definitions for the various LED chipsets supported
 color.hDefinitions for color correction and temperature
 colorpalettes.hDefinitions for the predefined color palettes supplied by FastLED
 colorutils.hFunctions for color fill, paletters, blending, and more
 controller.hBase definitions used by led controllers for writing out led data
 FastLED.hCentral include file for FastLED, defines the CFastLED class/object
 fastled_config.hDefinitions that can be used to configure FastLED at compile time
 fastled_delay.hUtility functions and classes for managing delaycycles
 fastled_progmem.hWrapper definitions to allow seamless use of PROGMEM in environmens that have it
 fastpin.hClass base definitions for defining fast pin access
 noise.hNoise functions provided by the library