FastLED  3.1
  • Add SK6822 timings
  • Add ESP8266 support - note, only tested w/the arduino esp8266 build environment
  • Improvements to hsv2rgb, palette, and noise performance
  • Improvements to rgb2hsv accuracy
  • Fixed noise discontinuity
  • Add wino board support
  • Fix scale8 (so now, scale8(255,255) == 255, not 254!)


  • Enabled RFDuino/nrf51822 hardware SPI support
  • Fix edge case bug w/HSV palette blending
  • Fix power management issue w/parallel output
  • Use static_asserts for some more useful compile time errors around bad pins
  • Roll power management into directly
  • Support for adafruit pixies on arduino type platforms that have SoftwareSerial
    • TODO: support hardware serial on platforms that have it available
  • Add UCS2903 timings
  • Preliminary CPixelView/CRGBSet code - more flexible treatment of groups of arrays


  • Added support for the following platforms
    • Arduino Zero
    • Teensy LC
    • RFDuino/nrf51822
    • Spark Core
  • Major internal code reoganization
  • Started doxygen based documentation
  • Lots of bug/performance fixes
  • Parallel output on various arm platforms
  • lots of new stuff


  • possibly fix issues #67 and #90 by fixing gcc 4.8.x support


  • fix issue #89 w/power management pin always being on


  • Added support for the following platforms:
    • Arduino due
    • Teensy 3.1
  • Added the following LED chipsets:
  • Added multiple examples:
    • ColorPalette - show off the color palette code
    • ColorTemperature - show off the color correction code
    • Fire2012
    • Fire2012WithPalette
    • Multiple led controller examples
    • Noise
    • NoisePlayground
    • NoisePlusPalette
    • SmartMatrix - show off SmartMatrix support
    • XYMatrix - show how to use a mtrix layout of leds
  • Added color correction
  • Added dithering
  • Added power management support
  • Added support for color palettes
  • Added easing functions
  • Added fast trig functions
  • Added simplex noise functions
  • Added color utility functions
  • Timing adjustments for existing SPI chipsets
  • Cleaned up the code layout to make platform support easier
  • Many bug fixes
  • A number of performance/memory improvements
  • Remove Squant (takes up space!)


Full release of the library

Release Candidate 6

  • Rename library, offically, to FastLED, move to github
  • Update keywords with all the new stuffs

Release Candidate 5

  • Gemma and Trinket: supported except for global "setBrightness"

Release Candidate 4

  • Added NEOPIXEL as a synonym for WS2811
  • Fix WS2811/WS2812B timings, bring it in line to exactly 1.25ns/bit.
  • Fix handling of constant color definitions (damn you, gcc!)

Release Candidate 3

  • Fixed bug when Clock and Data were on the same port
  • Added ability to set pixel color directly from HSV
  • Added ability to retrieve current random16 seed

Release Candidate 2

  • mostly bug fixes
  • Fix SPI macro definitions for latest teensy3 software update
  • Teensy 2 compilation fix
  • hsv2rgb_rainbow performance fix

Release Candidate 1

  • New unified/simplified API for adding/using controllers
  • fleshout clockless chip support
  • add hsv (spectrum and rainbow style colors)
  • high speed memory management operations
  • library for interpolation/easing functions
  • various api changes, addition of clear and showColor functions
  • scale value applied to all show methods
  • bug fixes for SM16716
  • performance improvements, lpd8806 exceeds 22Mbit now
  • hardware def fixes
  • allow alternate rgb color orderings
  • high speed math methods
  • rich CRGB structure

Preview 3

  • True hardware SPI support for teensy (up to 20Mbit output!)
  • Minor bug fixes/tweaks

Preview 2

  • Rename pin class to FastPin
  • Replace latch with select, more accurate description of what it does
  • Enforce intra-frame timing for ws2801s
  • SM16716 support
  • Add #define FAST_SPI_INTERRUPTS_WRITE_PINS to make sure world is ok w/interrupts and SPI
  • Add #define FASTLED_FORCE_SOFTWARE_SPI for those times when you absolutely don't want to use hardware SPI, ev en if you're using the hardware SPI pins
  • Add pin definitions for the arduino megas - should fix ws2811 support
  • Add pin definitions for the leonardo - should fix spi support and pin mappings
  • Add warnings when pin definitions are missing
  • Added google+ community for fastspi users -

    Add pin definitions for Teensy++ 2.0

Preview 1

  • Initial release