A library for driving Leds

FastLED v2.0 Released!

Dan and I are happy to announce the official Version 2.0 release of the FastLED library (formerly “FastSPI_LED2”), which is available immediately from !

A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped us debug, streamline, and refine V2.  It’s taken over a year, but the library is in great shape, and we’re ready for it to take on the world. 

In addition to releasing the final 2.0 version of the LED library, we’ve made a couple of other administrative changes that you should be aware of as well…

New Name

We’ve officially changed the library name to “FastLED”.  This reflects the fact the library supports both SPI and non-SPI-based LEDs, as well as providing a range of LED color and animation support functions.

New Include File

The new library folder is called FastLED, and no longer FastSPI_LED2.  This means that you’ll want to install the new library, and then update your project code to use #include <FastLED.h> instead of the old #include <FastSPI_LED2.h>


We’ve set up a new web site for the library:  There are links there to our wiki, code, issue tracker, and to this community.

New Repository

We’ve moved our code repository from googlecode to github.  Googlecode was getting a old and busted; github is the new hotness.

What Next?

What’s next is that you start using the new code, and Dan and I catch our breath a little, and then dive into the next version of the library: V2.1, which will be a relatively quick, minor update to add compatibility with a few new microcontroller boards and LED chips.   But first, as I said, we’re going to catch our breath.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped make this library what it is today!  Now go forth, and let a thousand pixels bloom.